Owlspotting 2.0

Welcome to Owlspotting v 2.0 (v 1.5. launched in March but that more to do with domain name migration).

If you couldn’t tell, the blog has been getting a face lift over the past week, complete with a neat way to display a full archive broken down my month and title post. If you are new to this blog, welcome. If you are an original reader, thanks for sticking with this and enjoying the Romerican/American schizophrenia. After all, as my good friend Romerican once remarked, I’m playing the role of the Ameroman.

While new content waits to be born (more or less following this coffee-heavy manifesto), enjoy these blasts from the past:

>> July 2005 >> The running song

>> September 2005 >> Subway masturbator (by Elle)

>> October 2005 >> That guy using the dishwasher

>> February 2006 >> The Americans are coming

>> February 2006 >> Bullshit (in Romanian)

>> April 2006 >> Romanians shoot and upload video

>> April 2006 >> Losing stories

>> June 2006 >> Romania is so NOT gay

>> September 2006 >> Big Steve brings the vodka

>> September 2006 >> I want to own a street corner

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