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Coca Cola C2: A Tribute

Update (Dec. 27): Read the response from Coca Cola at the bottom of this post. Coca Cola has not been nice this year. Actually, judging by anecdotal evidence from Coke fans across the country, the soda king has been downright naughty. What has made this small group of people, including myself, mad at Coke is […]

More about the quest to find C2

I just realized a few days ago that I have not provided any update on my search for Coca-Cola C2 (or Coke C2). (1, 2). The last time I tackled the subject, I was convinced C2 was being pulled off the market. A month after posting that my friend Sara, whom I was visiting in […]

Search for Coca Cola C2 continues

I still haven’t been lucky at tracking down a bottle of Coca Cola C2, something I’ve been trying for two months (as I mentioned in a previous post). Today I received an e-mail from a Coca Cola official in Atlanta who among other things said the beverage is available in his city along with Zero, […]

The life and death of Coca-Cola C2

Last year, when Coca-Cola launched C2, I converted. Like any consumer afraid of too much sugar, but also appaled by Diet Coke, I welcomed the mid-road beverage. I was dissapointed with the marketing campaign and the 8-cans packages that cost as much as the regular 12-cans, but I stuck with it. Soon enough, Coca-Cola C2 […]