Welcome to the new Owlspotting

Dear readers,

Welcome to the new and improved Owlspotting. We have tranfered the blog to a dedicated hosting space and changed the Blogger platform with WordPress. Short of a change in name, it doesn’t get any bigger in the blog world when it comes to change.

A few thoughts:

    — Thanks to all those that voted to make Owlspotting the number 4 ranked blog in the roblogfest “blog that leaves you thinking” category. The contest was organized by Dragos Novac @ una pe zi.- For those that subscribed to our blog, please update your subscription data to keep receiving updates. Go here to choose your favorite RSS subscription mode.

    — This blog will keep a three-fold focus: media, media coverage of Romania and everything else. I have noticed people enjoy the posts about media coverage of Romania and sometimes they spark interesting conversations as you can see here and here.

    — Posts in English will dominate — mostly because I have to earn a living using this language. Plus, Elle doesn’t speak Romanian. I will try to post more in Romanian though.

    — I am far from being knowledgeable in matters of coding and scripting so there might be a lot of bugs left in this new blog. Please point them out as you see them. We’d like to make the experience of reading Owlspotting as enjoyable as possible.

    — If you ever want to contact us with tips, ideas or comments you don’t want to make public, go to the bottom of the page for an e-mail link.

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