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The Plame/Miller/Rove/Libby story on deadline

A hot story on deadline can provide interesting mistakes, such as the one below from an AP story tonight.

Bum Chronicles III – The Krispy Kreme charlatan

After spending a gorgeous morning walking around my new neighborhood in Washington, DC, sampling the overpriced homegrown apples at the Sunday Market, I decided to find the perfect park bench in the sun for voracious media consumption. First, though, I needed a perfect tasty soda, so I stopped by the Kripsy Kreme, which has an […]

Neil Strauss: The closer

I tried to pitch the story below to Slate (“it doesn’t seem quite right for Slate,” they said) and also to Salon (they haven’t sent the rejection yet). Because he believes Salon will only echo Slate, the pesimist in me decided to post this review here. In the pickup world, MLTRs, or multiple long-term relationships, […]

Text Google and it’ll reply

There are several things that excite me technologically, but few manage to amuse me. Sending SMS to Google (46645) or Yahoo (92466) is pretty funny. Today, you can bypass the money-hungry 411 and text message Google (or Yahoo) and ask about movie showtimes, the nearest bars in your zip codes, or even recipes for cocktail. […]

That guy using the dishwasher

It’s true, I don’t feel comfortable using the dishwater. It’s, well, too American for me. On Friday I was catching up with episodes of This American Life that I missed and came across this piece by Diane Cook called “That guy” (the link a RealPlayer brodcast of the episode. “That guy” is act two). The […]

Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism @ We Media A discussion moderated by Dan Gillmor, featuring Lex Alexander (Greenboro News & Record), Susan DeFife (Backfence) and J.B. Holston (Newsgator). Gillmor: Is “big media” getting it? Alexander (Greensboro News & Record): To the extend media organiztaion of any size are really listening, the closer they are. Where we got off […]

Media gawking

We Media conference, continued. Jay Rosen (PressThink): We’ll talk about our sites. Earlier, Gore had something in his speech for everyone. The world I grew up in was mostly hierarchical. All our ideas, inluding all our aspiratins were based on a pattern of vertical atomized mass distribution. This was a pattern of mind. Along comes […]

We Media: Old media, new media

>>> has Al Gore’s speech available for download as a podcast. Third discussion: We Inc. Jason McCabe Calcanis (moderator, WebLogs Inc.). Scott Rafer (Chairman, Wireless Inc.), Craig Forman (VP & GM, Yahoo!), Jennifer Feikin (Director, Google Video), Andrew Heyward (President, CBS News). Heyward: There is a danger of over-simplyfying and it’s bad the VP […]

Al Gore blasts TV; says marketplace of ideas is dead

Al Gore, Tipper Gore and their son Albert are seated at my table across from me. Now Al is at the podium. Gore: I used to be the next president of the United States. In 1972 I was a graduate of an API seminar of investigative reporters. It was pre-Watergate, and I was working for […]

We Media conference (II)

>> Second discussion at the We Media conference in New York. Farai Chideya (had a career in all media, from newsmagazines to television to radio. Now she works in LA for NPR): I finally feel that there is some convergence — to use a word that is totally dead. There is no real separation between […]