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My August Green Day

Do you have the time To listen to me whine About nothing and everything All at once… I was safely sheltered by European pop, dance and techno (most of it coming from Germany and the Scandinavian countries) until I heard Green Day tear into “Basket Case.” I was in eight grade, with little rock references […]

The good citizens of Brooklyn and their used condoms

I’m not used to being referred to as “the young lady.” So I couldn’t help but blush a little and turn slightly toward the wall when the cop pointed to the used-but-not-gooey condom on the counter and said: “There’s nothing in it, so I don’t think it was meant for the Young Lady.” Turning to […]

The life and death of Coca-Cola C2

Last year, when Coca-Cola launched C2, I converted. Like any consumer afraid of too much sugar, but also appaled by Diet Coke, I welcomed the mid-road beverage. I was dissapointed with the marketing campaign and the 8-cans packages that cost as much as the regular 12-cans, but I stuck with it. Soon enough, Coca-Cola C2 […]

The soul of Islam

Earlier this year, I worked on a story on the Muslim community of Columbia, Mo. Although the central focus were local Muslims, the effort was meant to integrate their stories in a larger world-wide debate on the future of Islam, and the struggle within the faith between violent elements and ordinary believers. The story turned […]

Lobbying for Romania

The Washington Post gave a nod to Romanian ingenuity — or lack of resources — in a short story today. Stefan Candea of the Romanian Centre for Investigative Reporting, the journalist in the story, looks to be gathering ammo from the the Foreign Agent Registration Act Unit, probably for use in a story on the […]

Asidas and Ruibak — together at last

What if Adidas’s purchase of Reebok would create the following “alternative market” merger: Murat Gurlen, knock-off architect and owner of the Asidas brand, did not waste time when he heard the company he was ripping off planned to expand its market. Less than two days after the announcement, Gurlen contacted “next-street-over-neighbor,” Tarkan Osman, who makes […]