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Romanians looking for…

I like to think that if you look close enough, you’ll find almost anything on Craigslist, the online classifieds giant. Today, I decided to look the site around and find out what Romanians are up to in cities across the United State. Many of them are looking for things — mostly jobs and soul mates. […]

Malcolm Gladwell has a blog

Malcolm Gladwell, the New Yorker writer and author (he wrote “The Tippint Point” and “Blink“) has started blogging. I guess this is great news for all of us who had questions to ask him after reading his pieces. For those who don’t know Gladwell: he writes about cultural phenomena through a very unique lense — […]

amintiri din dbrom

Deocamdata, domeniul e inaccesibil. Speram sa-l reabilitam in curand. “am vrut odata sa scriu o povestire care sa se numeasca ‘omul care s-a insurat cu cainele lui’. era cu siguranta influenta lui marquez in acest titlu. aveam doar tilul si imaginea unui om trecut de 45 de ani pe plaja de la 2 mai. […]

Romania leads Olympics — in last place finishes

I was doing my normal morning rounds of the media blogs and came across a Media Shift reference to a blog that tracks last place finishes in the Torino Olympics. Funny, I said, until I started reading this blog more closely. It turns out that next to documenting the pains of athletes coming in last, […]

My six months with the Washington Post

We’ve been going out a little more than six month and it’s time I looked back on our relationship. I still don’t know if IT is a SHE or a HE, but it’s not important in the long run — that is if we’re going to be in it for the long run. In August […]

We as Simpsons

Here we are as Simpsons. You can make make yourself into a Simpson, too. Go here.

More about the quest to find C2

I just realized a few days ago that I have not provided any update on my search for Coca-Cola C2 (or Coke C2). (1, 2). The last time I tackled the subject, I was convinced C2 was being pulled off the market. A month after posting that my friend Sara, whom I was visiting in […]

The blogging plutocracy

A great story in New York Magazine by Clive Thompson proves that blogs, which at heart seem to be the ultimate meritocracy, are plagued by the same inequalities as any other media (or whatever other industry you can think of). The story talks about how a blogging elite has already been established and, in turn, […]

A chain letter made in blog land

Raluca convinced me I should participate in this chain letter-like experiment. Others in this chain mentioned tagging, but as long as none of the recent people filling this out actually seemed to join Tagged, I’ll just stick with the chain letter reference. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was coming out of some […]

Friendship and Immunity

Razvan Amariei, a correspondent for Transitions Online in Romania, offers a wonderful and blunt portrait of the Romanian reaction to the news that the American soldier who killed a Romanian singer will go unpunished. The story, “Friendship and Immunity” tackles the fine line the US must walk when dealing with an ally in times of […]