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Wikipedia says Kurtz has a tiny penis

You might have heard of the whole Wikipedia/Seigenthaler controversy — a famous retired journalist smeared in a fake bio by an anonymous dude who later claimed that it was a prank. Well, today (around 1:30 PM) I noticed that a Wikipedian is trying to do something to the sexual reputation of Washington Post media critic […]

National Christmas Tree. Really?

National Christmas Tree, originally uploaded by owlspotting. This is not a tree. It’s a lot of other things, but it’s not a tree — certainly not a Christmas tree. It’s a ghost who dressed as a bulb factory for Halloween. Or an LED condom. Or a hunk of elephant poop hosting the Lightning Bug National […]

The Boston tourist squirrels

Here are the Boston squirrels: Patty O’Shea, John “One Punch” Miller and “Running Nose” Andrew. They are known as “Tourist squirrels” for the ease they show around curious people chasing them with cameras. More pictures of Boston, here.

The Harvard rub

Here’s more action from Boston. In the shot below tourists rub John Harvard’s toes in a desperate attemp to resurect them. This is what many experts over the years have called “The Harvard Rub,” or trying to wake up a snow-covered toe (aka foot finger). See more shots of Boston and Cambridge, here.

The wonder that is Boston

I finally made it to Boston. I’ve been wanting to see this city for years. It’s beautiful enough to make me upload hots just 12 hours after getting to town. For more shots of the city, go here.