Romanians shoot and upload video

Romania is heavily featured on YouTube, the immensily popular amateur video site. A search today revealed more results than I was willing to scroll through. Below is a compilation of some of the tings I’ve seen. The obvious thing to note is that Romanians like to shoot and upload videos of themselves and/or their friends.

The amateur videos range from funny to depressing to amusing to down right weird: singing, dancing, beating, ass showing, flashing, whatever. Click on any of the videos below for the full experience.

Three young women give props to “Romania ’06” and sing a compilation of American golden oldies.

A group of “mioritic” dudes demonstrate the power of a Dacia without its exhaust pipe.

Curious guys launch a digging expedition in the dirty laundry of a woman uncovering some dirty secrets.

A Romanian soccer fan’s greatest memory — the golden nineties of the Golden Generation.

A bleak portrait of poverty and looking for food in the trash set to a bleak soundtrack.

Dude plays guitar, yells “give me some money” and then launches into pathetic renditions of musical songs.

Barby si Costinel show off some dance moves at a party dazzling young dames.

A half-naked male handball team rises from slumber to boogey to Gloria Estefan’s “Conga.”

Dude destroys wooden shed with great vengeance and furious anger.

Under “personals&dating”, a lady in a thong tortures an innocent couch.

“Welcome to Romania, tara unde toti artistii sunt bogati.”

This break-up didn’t seem to go too well as the boyfriend decide to strike… front and back

Student in slasher mask flashes an unexpecting class. Update May 1: Razvan pointed out to me that this video is from Poland. Might well be.

You can view more amateur videos (and TV steals) of and from Romania on YouTube. Just click here.

5 Responses to “Romanians shoot and upload video”

  1. The boys with the underwear was my favorite. What were they saying?

  2. Ioana Dolcos Says:

    Hey, Cristi!
    Very interesting pictures, indeed. Being here in Romania, I can say that there are so many pictures like those to show:) Life in Romania is fun indeed, where all the artists are rich, and so on. I also have some really cool pictures to show from Romania, but they are more on a positive note, so to say. Which, being in Romania, and living here, make me feel a little bit more better than I feel right now:):) for me, looking at these pictures, does not make me feel any better, but I guess I am not the main target, am I?:)
    All the best,

  3. Nene, vezi ca ala cu XXX la scoala e din Polonia. Vezi stema din stanga sus. Circula, intr-adevar pe retele ca fiind din Romania, dar nu e.

  4. The girls singing don’t sound Romanian; they seem like American girls recording stuff for some Romanian friends. Not that it matters that much, they’re funny anyway 🙂

  5. Some of these are hilarious.

    I’m not quite sure why the lady felt the need to torture the couch 🙂

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