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I’ll miss (43 things about America)

I am boarding my flight to Romania in a matter of hours. Below are a few of the things I will miss about America (43 is also the number of months I’ve been away from home). Although this is a numbered list, it is not a ranking. I hope that one day I will return […]

My American Life (3 of 3)

November 2005: Washing dishes after an awesome Thanksgiving dinner complete with yummy desert. December 2005: The horrid (and condom-looking) National Christmas Tree, which stands right outside the White House fence in Washington, DC. Scary! January 2006: The Washington, DC studio at its cleanest. This is after the addition of new furniture pieces, a carpet and […]

My American life (2 of 3)

October 2004: Barton dresses up a bunny to surprise his girlfriend, now wife, Alyson. I had the pleasure of petting this furry creature. November 2004: America votes 2004. This was snapped in the early morning as people were slowly trudging to the polls in Columbia, Mo. Opinions were split. Boone County, where Columbia is located, […]

My American life (1 of 3)

As my departure date approaches, I have decided to chronicle my time in the US in pictures. Below is the first of three installments illustrating the time I spent in America from August 2003 to March 2007. Obviously, each picture corresponds to one particular month, which is also when that picture was snapped. August 2003: […]

43 American months

With my departure date less than three weeks away, I have started to count backwards. Leaving America will probably trigger all types of regrets and bouts of nostalgia, but I’m determined to stay positive at least until I take my window seat on the plane out of Boston (There is a song by The Frames […]

The gigantic Arcade Fire

My love for The Arcade Fire began with this 2004 article in a small city magazine published by the Missouri J-School, which I was attending at the time. The article, published November 25 was promoting a show the band was going to play the following week in Columbia, Mo. The last quote in the article […]


Early-bird that I am, I was the first to enter the screening-room of Four Eyed Monsters at Boston’s Coolidge Corner last week. Boiled down to a love-story of the MySpace and YouTube age (when is this phrase going to be considered old?), the film is a stirring portrayal of a relationship, as well as an […]