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Making Poynter

The Tim Russert issue bothered me enough to try and say more about it than I did on this blog. So I wrote a commentary piece which was published on Poynter, that Florida-based haven of journalistic debates and tools. The Poynter piece is here. UPDATE: It’s ironic, but here’s an article published today in the […]

Kicking Journalism the Tim Russert Way

Another “fine” moment in journalism took place Sunday. On NBC’s Meet the Press Tim Russert pretended to be unaware of a new talk show strategist James Carville was going to do on XM Satellite radio. He even tried to “scoop” other media by getting Carville to give some details of the show and maybe it’s […]

Journalism vs. future

The journalism world has been wrestling its future for a while. The future is looking strong so far, having slammed traditional journalism through a proverbial table a great many times. This future goes by many names: “citizen journalism,” “we media,” “participatory journalism” etc. It is embodied by technology more than method and its franchises are […]

Remember that time we almost died?

Oh wait, that was, like, a whole bunch of times. My brother and I can start so many stories that way. Did you notice gas prices bump up a bit last weekend? Yeah, that was me. My bad. My 17-year-old brother navigated as I drove a bigass rental truck 1,000 miles to Washington, DC. last […]

Only in Romania

I just returned from a 10-day trip to my home country of Romania. Although most of the time I spent in the motherland was devoted to family and friends, I did find a few hours to write an op-ed about my home country. The piece ran today in the Christian Science Monitor. It was originally […]