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Esquire #5 (Jan/Feb 2008)

Esquire is moving forcefully into the New Year with another strong issue – complete with ruminations on the European Union, the meaning of life (by Johnny Depp and Tim Burton), women’s underwear (by me) the state of Romanian culture (by Sorin Adam Matei) and so much more (check out the summary pages below). Johnny Depp […]

The music of 2007

I’ve been keeping an eye on the emerging “best of 2007” lists, curious at what albums moved people this year (Stereogum does a nice wrap-up and links to even more). There’s probably oodles more of these lists to come, but I can’t help contribute mine. I did a pretty thorough run-down last year, but I’ll […]

Read a story from Esquire #4

For those who have never read Esquire Romania and are curious how things are written, we’ve put a story from our latest issue online. It’s available on and it’s about the generation of children born after communism. We sometimes refer to them as the Children of the Revolution.