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The music of 2007

I’ve been keeping an eye on the emerging “best of 2007” lists, curious at what albums moved people this year (Stereogum does a nice wrap-up and links to even more). There’s probably oodles more of these lists to come, but I can’t help contribute mine. I did a pretty thorough run-down last year, but I’ll […]

absolutely noFX

The noFX show in Bucharest last night was one of the worst I’ve been to. For once, it was neither the band (unlike last year @ Placebo), nor the crowd (which was the case when I saw Me First and the Gimme Gimmes in Boston). The noFX concert was held in an absolutely disastrous open […]

ab4, my little musical indulgence

As I’ve done for more than five years now (last time, here), I will indulge in a little nostalgia and give props to ab4. They are playing tonight in Suburbia.

When Transience met Permanence

The booming sound of the giant speakers was pounding us all. I’ve been tortured by concert speakers before, but the warm butter way in which the violin layered itself over the bass sent chills down my spine. People all around me were waving their arms in the air and jumping, their feet touching the pavement […]

The Decemberists, writers of fictions

And I will hang my head, hang my head low And I will hang my head, hang my head low (The crane wife 3) I was never one to appreciate music for production value, innovation, legacy and all the other attributes of “great legends.” I am of a more simple mind. If it moves me, […]

7,367 songs

My name is Cristian and I like my world organized. My tendency to plan, structure and organize stuff has been mocked by many. It lost me numerous romantic opportunities (how does one plan a one-night stand?!). While it got me jobs and assignments, it also probably made a lot of workmates insane. Someone once told […]

43 American months

With my departure date less than three weeks away, I have started to count backwards. Leaving America will probably trigger all types of regrets and bouts of nostalgia, but I’m determined to stay positive at least until I take my window seat on the plane out of Boston (There is a song by The Frames […]

The gigantic Arcade Fire

My love for The Arcade Fire began with this 2004 article in a small city magazine published by the Missouri J-School, which I was attending at the time. The article, published November 25 was promoting a show the band was going to play the following week in Columbia, Mo. The last quote in the article […]

Love and other slush

Boston is slushy tonight. Snow, sleet and rain tore through the city earlier, turning it into the perfect humid wonderland for all couples graciously saving the economy tonight. But I’m not bitter—slush can be quite inspiring. As I trudged home through puddles up to my ankles, my mind was busy playing the chorus of Dear […]

Your band is big when…

You know your favorite ex-indie label band (yes, of course I’m talking about the Decemberists) has made it big when, within the span of a couple of days, you hear a hit from their major label debut played in a bookstore (Barnes & Noble) and then a national coffee shop chain (Au Bon Pain). The […]