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Losing stories

About a month ago, an editor turned down a story pitch I made. I believed (and continue to believe) that the story was indicative of today’s media landscape and the information consumption patterns of an Internet-addicted generation. Pitching the “Internet video” story to the editor (for the third time) I said: I’m going to try […]

Asphalt sleighing (feat. Brother Dudu)

My brother proudly told me yesterday that along with his friends they discovered “asphalt sleighing.” “Ne-am dat cu sania pe asfalt, ba,” he said. I asked him if there was any visual proof (like other Romanian provide) and he sent me five videos that chronicle this new night-time Romanian practice. How did they do it? […]

Steaua? Forget it…

I just saw my Steaua clobbered by Middlesbrough in the semifinal (Final Four) of the UEFA Cup and I’m pissed. I skipped work, drank vodka by myself in a DC dive that broacast the game and actually paid $5 to see 11 idiots huddle and tremble in their own penalty area like lost sheep. Steaua […]

Romanians shoot and upload video

Romania is heavily featured on YouTube, the immensily popular amateur video site. A search today revealed more results than I was willing to scroll through. Below is a compilation of some of the tings I’ve seen. The obvious thing to note is that Romanians like to shoot and upload videos of themselves and/or their friends. […]


I don’t have the time I wish I had to read books. If I succesfully carve out some hours for reading I tend to read the magazines that pile up on my coffee table (Atlantic, New Yorker, Harper’s etc) — it’s something I don’t need too much of a “mood” for. As with anything, there […]

Walking directions

I was complaining (to myself) a couple of days ago that I couldn’t find any online map services that provided walking directions. Well, I finally found one today. has walking directions! My tests have been limited to my route to and from work, but the site got that one right without any problems. Also […]

Ziua Romaniei la New York

Lume, lume! Mare anunt mare: Romania se arata New York-ului sambata 6 mai in cea de-a opta editie a festivalului “Ziua Romaniei NYC”. Si daca e sa te iei dupa formatiile anuntate, va fi o zi in care vei fi mandru ca te-a facut mama roman. Nimic nu tipa “Romania!” ca formatia Akcent, un ansamblu […]

Blogs remind journalism of transparency and conversation

This morning, the Washington Post had an article by star reporter David Finkel that talked about the American political left beging “online and outraged.” It’s a rare occurence to see such a personal angle in a story about blogs — especially in a newspaper the size and scope of the Post. As a journalist, I […]

Comparing American and Romanian zoos

Today, in our quest for cultural enlighment, we shall compare a Romanian Zoo with an American Zoo. The Romanian Zoo was photographed on a gloomy December day in 2004 in Targu-Mures, a town so incredible I accepted to be born in it. The American Zoo was photographed on a gorgeous April day in 2006 in […]

MC Hammer

Via Shrinkmamma: MC Hammer has a blog. Please Hammer don’t hurt ’em.