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Books 2006: Foer, Shteyngart and Kunkel

I don’t enjoy the idea of ranking books the way I do music because it’d be too much like ranking my reaction to reading them. Which would be odd to say the least. Plus, the books I read in a particular year have not necessarily been released at the same time. In 2006, I made […]

My public language

Whenever prompted on what language I like writing in, I set off on a long rant on how torn I am between Romanian and English and how I’m always under the impression that I have to pick one over the other and blah blah blah. Typical self-indulgent stuff meant to get women teary eyed. While […]

Coca Cola C2: A Tribute

Update (Dec. 27): Read the response from Coca Cola at the bottom of this post. Coca Cola has not been nice this year. Actually, judging by anecdotal evidence from Coke fans across the country, the soda king has been downright naughty. What has made this small group of people, including myself, mad at Coke is […]

The Onion Cellar (or “The search continues”)

Vladimir, the confused New York-raised Russian Jew, and Morgan, the Cleveland-born All-American girl, are facing each other on a friggin’ cold Prague night, back when the city hosted hordes of American hipsters in search of greater meaning after the sordid Reagan/Bush years. I’ll let the author, Gary Shteyngart, pick up from here (passage is from […]

Romerican’s Targu Mures exploits hit the Internets

It look our man Romerican more than three months to pick himself up from the brawl of Targu Mures, but he finally managed a recovery. He provides the world with a detailed account of his exploits in Romania’s awesomest city, where a crew of healthy, young locals made sure he felt alive. Judging from the […]

Album(s) of the Year

The end of the year is a good idea to make lists, so here’s one of albums. Yes, this is a very subjective line-up, but that doesn’t mean I don’t highly recommend every single one. You can use the trust-worthy Hype Machine to stream these bands (with the exception of #3) in case you’re not […]

Owlspotting 2.0

Welcome to Owlspotting v 2.0 (v 1.5. launched in March but that more to do with domain name migration). If you couldn’t tell, the blog has been getting a face lift over the past week, complete with a neat way to display a full archive broken down my month and title post. If you are […]

A player takes the field. Safety takes a hike.

I write four hours before I am to take the (indoor) soccer field in my first competitive game in Boston. I just joined a co-ed league and I have yet to meet my teammates. It’s apparently a series of six on six games (four guys, two girls) spread over two months, a battle of the […]

A search. Exile. A Manifesto.

When owlspotting launched in the summer of 2005 it had little definition (which didn’t make it less funny). Over the past 16 months I often considered writing a blogging manifesto, partly because I wanted to find something to use the word “manifesto” in, partly because I believe any outlet needs a definition, even if that […]