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ab4, my little musical indulgence

As I’ve done for more than five years now (last time, here), I will indulge in a little nostalgia and give props to ab4. They are playing tonight in Suburbia.

Keep buying home appliances

There is little excuse for being silent on your blog, so I won’t venture into that territory. But I do want to use the tried and tested trick of letting someone else write when you can’t do it. A few weeks ago Elena left a very thoughtful comment to this post. I wanted to make […]

Hoituri in maslinarie

Martie 27 e plin de pete roz. In maslinarie, sub maslinul in forma de carja, ea ii culege firimiturile de covrig de pe camasa. Cu toate ca era prima cafea dupa multe zile, ar fi vrut sa o poata savura la umbra. Acolo unde casa face o curba brusca se joaca, ca deobicei, copiii—astazi balaia […]

California Dreamin’

I can’t see the sun anymore—it’s now a smidgeon of light behind grayish clouds, as if it turned away to fluff the pillows and get ready to tuck itself in. I’m not a sucker for sunsets and I’m not one to indulge much in star-gazing or in the occasional open-sky-as-a-parable-for-freedom banter. I once dumped a […]

Sunday is brunch day

I’m full. Every once in a while (alright, every once in a very rare while) you get the chance to spend that perfect weekend peppered with just the right amount of food. Saturday was burger time and Sunday–following another lovely American tradition–was brunch time. Just a few days ago I was chatting with Mirona over […]

Burger time

A couple of weeks ago I found myself drooling at the thought of an American hamburger. One of those that require you to handle ground meat, assemble the patties, grill them (in a pan will work just fine), slap a piece of cheese on them and so on. Yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore. I […]