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The end

This is the final post to this blog. I was thinking yesterday of writing some tearful farewell, but it would be unjust. This blog has been out of commission for more than a year – it’s just right that it closes here. It’s been a great tool while I was living abroad, but it’s become […]

Esquire #12 (October 2008)

A of today, Romanian newsstands will carry the October issue of Esquire, which features the first annual list of people who are shaping and changing the (Romanian) world we live in. They include Internet entrepreneurs, police commissioners, stuntmen and doctors. The cover subject, DragoÅŸ Bucurenci, is among them. He is arguably the face of Romania’s […]

Esquire #11 (September 2008)

The September issue of Esquire Romania is dominated by the pronouncements of radio and TV personality Andrei Gheorghe, an unapologetic social and political critic, who is now watching the game from the sidelines. Having been let go from his TV gig after receiving a DUI he’s not sure about coming back into the media world. […]

Hoituri in maslinarie

Martie 27 e plin de pete roz. In maslinarie, sub maslinul in forma de carja, ea ii culege firimiturile de covrig de pe camasa. Cu toate ca era prima cafea dupa multe zile, ar fi vrut sa o poata savura la umbra. Acolo unde casa face o curba brusca se joaca, ca deobicei, copiii—astazi balaia […]

Contact ZAhoor

Sometimes the comments one gets on a blog should be stand alone posts. Like this one: I am ZAhoor from a Group of company based in DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Our company is looking for BARTENDERS, professionals and entertainers from ROMANIA for a 7 star hotel project. I am confident you will be able to […]

The Decemberists, writers of fictions

And I will hang my head, hang my head low And I will hang my head, hang my head low (The crane wife 3) I was never one to appreciate music for production value, innovation, legacy and all the other attributes of “great legends.” I am of a more simple mind. If it moves me, […]

Polling the people: a new blog?

If you don’t speak Romanian, please consider the ridiculous question I will pose next not as a dismissal of your worthiness, but as genuine solicitation of your opinion. The truth is that I’ve always had a problem dissociating an online space from the purpose it was created for. When owlspotting started, it was meant as […]

Owlspotting on hiatus

Owlspotting is currently experimenting with a new design, an updated look, and it’s also looking to shake the rust off its editorial identity–the Romanian period heavily dominated this space and the blog needs to find its way again. If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas of things you’d wanna read about, drop some comments […]

Metrosexuals of Might and Magic

I know most of my readers wonder what I’m up to when I don’t play guide to the undercurrents of Romanian society or investigating the whereabouts of Coca-Cola C2 (what a quest my friends). Well, there are several potential answers and they do depend on the day of the week. Tuesday for example, I discussed […]

Family as stick figures

For the first time in more than three years I was home for my mother’s birthday. I am only posting about this because I needed the excuse to showcase my brilliant artistry. Among the gifts me and my brother gave her was a cup that I drew on with a white porcelain marker. It’s a […]