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I know that my “expertise” is saying stuff about Romania, but there are some passions lingering from my childhood that I just can’t shake. Wrestling (as in putting bodies through tables) is one of them and I finally got to publish my first wrestling-related piece. It’s a review of a book called “Ringside,” written by […]

What wrestling can teach us about our culture

[Here is the essay I mentioned a couple days ago. I have a couple of rejections and I don’t have the patience to wait for the rest. Enjoy!] For more than two decades WrestleMania has lived hidden in plain sight behind the March Madness carnival and the start of the baseball season. Over 22 years […]

Putting bodies through tables

If it would be available I’d add “putting someone through a table” to my Amazon wish list. Boy, that would be quite a day. Until someone figures out transformative pro-wrestling experiences make a perfect gift (like the whole dying on your birthday experience Sean Penn bought Michael Douglas in “The Game”) I’m stuck with paying […]