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A player takes the field. Safety takes a hike.

I write four hours before I am to take the (indoor) soccer field in my first competitive game in Boston. I just joined a co-ed league and I have yet to meet my teammates. It’s apparently a series of six on six games (four guys, two girls) spread over two months, a battle of the […]

Soccer in Romania and playing for glory

In soccer crazy Europe we say the game is not a matter of life and death–it’s more important than that. The saying doesn’t only apply to the Romanian national team trying to make the World Cup or our pathetic club teams struggling to save face on the European scene–this also applies to 6-on-6 backyard games […]

World Cup 2006 predictions

England wins the 2006 World Cup in Germany–at least that’s what my personal predictions say. And you know what they say about predictions: you’d better make them with your heart unless you want to find yourself cheering for teams you don’t care about (ahem, Italy) just because a cool-headed analysis forced you to pick them. […]

Steaua? Forget it…

I just saw my Steaua clobbered by Middlesbrough in the semifinal (Final Four) of the UEFA Cup and I’m pissed. I skipped work, drank vodka by myself in a DC dive that broacast the game and actually paid $5 to see 11 idiots huddle and tremble in their own penalty area like lost sheep. Steaua […]

The worth of a Romanian soccer player — in meat

I can’t believe I missed this piece of news in my usual activity of finding what foreign outlets have to say about Romania. But an item on my favorite geek show, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (the NPR news quiz) clued me in on the story of a Romanian soccer player traded for… meat! Below […]