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We will sing pretty songs about love

“American Hardcore” is a documentary that tells the story of the early 80s Reagan years and the rebellion embodied by the hardcore punk movement led by bands like Bad Brains, Blag Flag or Minor Threat. The anger and frustration expressed was the protest outlet of kids who couldn’t stomach the American normalcy endorsed by the […]

Goodbye home

One mid-August morning caught me on a train from Bucharest to Sighisoara. I had just spent two weeks there with my friends–going out at night and taking the first subway home, sleeping in cars in Vama Veche and getting pissed at Placebo. I was staring aimlessly out the window when the train stopped in Brasov. […]

Shoe laces and the world at large

My black Converse All Stars have been through the best moments of the past three months. Every now and then they gotphotographed. I’m putting some of these shots together because they trigger memories. This shot was taken when Romerican brought himself to Targu Mures. Notice the little red sticker on the right shoe laces. It […]

Freaky Fridays in Bucharest make the paper (and me) blue

Freaky Fridays have made a career over the past couple of months in Targu Mures so it was time to export a little of the magic to the nation’s capital, Bucharest. I woke up early to be as close to spending 24 hours on the Bucharest streets as possible–thus shining a brief ray of light […]

Thinking Bucharest

Coincidences are almost as good as caramel machiattos, which is why I love to indulce in them as often as possible. The latest one is being tagged by Gorgeoux just as I was packed my bags for the big city of Bucharest. Here I am in Bucharest again and here is what the mind of […]

Niste Baieti cover Romanian hits of yore

Top five lists don’t often get blown up. Look at the drama it caused Rob in “High Fidelity” when he had to admit to himself that Laura had to be included among the Top 5 All-Time Breakups. Last night, Niste Baieti, a makeshift punk outfit from Bucharest, broke into my Top 5 concerts list, which […]

Metrosexuals of Might and Magic

I know most of my readers wonder what I’m up to when I don’t play guide to the undercurrents of Romanian society or investigating the whereabouts of Coca-Cola C2 (what a quest my friends). Well, there are several potential answers and they do depend on the day of the week. Tuesday for example, I discussed […]

Was there or wasn’t there (a revolution in our town)?

When I arrived home this summer I asked around for new Romanian music that might be worth a listen. I didn’t get many suggestions–the lead singer of a Romanian rock band actually replied to my query in an e-mail saying: “Are you serious?” It was at that point that Luiza told me I should look […]