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The Wild Dogs (of Romania)

Thom Fitzgerald visited Romania. Bless his heart and the money he spent to boost my country’s doomed economy in the dark ages of 2002 — a time before iPods (when Discmans ruled); a time of few malls; a time when stray dogs, stray cripples, stray whores and stray Canadian diplomats lived in a loving putrid […]

My epitaph

Here’s one of those quiz things that gets passed around — along with my “result.” Take this quiz at

Burning question in my loins

So Bob Woodward is a liar. He lied by omission in his book “Plan of Attack.” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, “Media Lies” has been scribbled on Washington Post boxes for years. So now that we all know that Bob Woodward is just as big a hack as Judy Miller, we should […]

Telling (and not telling) stories

Do you believe in letters to the editor? I ask myself that question a lot recently — mostly as a result of paying closer attention to the letters printed by the Washington Post. It’s refreshing to see readers complain very articulately about the problems journalism faces today, some of which I already bitched about earlier […]

Bob, Judy and a broken camel: A moment in journalism

I started dating American media in the fall of 2003. We became serious in early 2004 as she started kibitzing about the lack of restraint shown by a former Democratic governor and presidential candidate who, she said, blew up in front of an Iowa crowd — yelling as if the whole world had fallen in […]

Elle meets Mr. Pig