My American life (2 of 3)

October 2004
October 2004: Barton dresses up a bunny to surprise his girlfriend, now wife, Alyson. I had the pleasure of petting this furry creature.

November 2004
November 2004: America votes 2004. This was snapped in the early morning as people were slowly trudging to the polls in Columbia, Mo. Opinions were split. Boone County, where Columbia is located, went for Kerry. Missouri went for Bush. The rest is history.

December 2004
December 2004: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome (fear and respect) The Church of Soccer. We never won any trophies but we did injure players on opposing squads–including breaking the toe of one poor soul. His bone was showing afterwards. Gross.

January 2005
January 2005: Upon returning from a month long visit to Romania. Being back home was fun, but back then, returning to America was much better. After all, I owned a bike and some awesome mod furniture!

February 2005
February 2005: During my second year at MU I lived in a nice apartment only a couple minutes away from a biking trail. The trail went through the woods down to the Missouri river, which you could follow for miles. Biking a few miles on Saturday mornings was a pleasure. And so were the burritos that followed!

March 2005
March 2005: Nashville. Oh yeah!

April 2005
April 2005: With Sara and John–celebrating the end of our graduate school years.

May 2005
May 2005: This was a design project–for real! How worldly are you?!

June 2005
June 2005: With Elle on the roof of my Brooklyn sublet. My two months in Green Point, a Polish pocket of Brooklyn, were some of the best I had in America. Owlspotting was born here (on June 21). dbrom died here. And much fun was had.

July 2005
July 2005: Times Square, New York City, on July 4. That night I watched the fireworks show above the Hudson river. Sweet.

August 2005
August 2005: By August 2005, I had moved to Washington, DC. This is a shot of the pool on the roof of my building. It was open from April through October and it was heated. Yes, that was hot stuff.

September 2005
September 2005: Thomas Friedman, architect of the “flat world,” is something of an oracle of the business and political world. Here, he was “performing” at a DC book fair (with many rich middle aged people in attendance)–while a gigantic anti-war protest was taking place just five minutes away. Only in the nation’s capital!

October 2005
October 2005: Sunset in Florida.

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  1. Argh. That picture of me is terrible. I look high.

  2. ciudat… 🙂 miss the dupont pool man. sorry to see you leave, but it’s for the better, huh?! it was my last friday at pej today. promise you’ll come visit 🙂 altfel multa bafta!

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