My American life (1 of 3)

As my departure date approaches, I have decided to chronicle my time in the US in pictures.

Below is the first of three installments illustrating the time I spent in America from August 2003 to March 2007. Obviously, each picture corresponds to one particular month, which is also when that picture was snapped.

August 2003
August 2003: On the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit… My first purchases in America were a latte, a cream cheese bagel and a copy of Rolling Stone.

September 2003
September 2003: Like most foreign students, I quickly got a job on campus. Mine was supervising something called “Craft night,” a Friday night event where people came to do, well, crafty things with paper, glue and other assorted goodies. No, there was no alcohol. Nor drugs. Well, unless you count sniffing glue…

October 2003
October 2003: Getting ready to see the Missouri Tigers take the field. They won that day.

December 2003
December 2003: Meet Cinnamon from Boulder, Colorado. He was a nice dog (just a little smelly).

January 2004
January 2004: I have no idea what was going on here.

February 2004
February 2004: Josh and Sara peeking out the window, up in the St. Louis arch.

March 2004
March 2004: The one and only–Shakespeare’s Pizza in Columbia, Missouri. Eat there!

April 2004
April 2004: Brody Dalle of The Distillers rocking out the Blue Note in CoMo. That concert remains an unforgettable night for many reasons, one of which involved me catching a drum stick. Not one attached to a chicken, but the one attached to the drummer. The Distillers officially disbanded in early 2007. Brody is still hot.

May 2004
May 2004: An equally hot moment captured during the photo session that produced the infamous montage: “Girls in carts.” Just minutes after this picture was snapped, we were stopped by local cops who demanded to take over the cart. Roger that, officer. Wheel it away.

June 2004
June 2004: New Orleans. Bourbon street.

July 2004
July 2004: Pummeling my Romanian brother for daring to insult the United States. He was taken to the emergency room, and the wounds required multiple stitches, but at least he learned to cheer for America.

August 2004
August 2004: Visiting Washington, DC with my brother and my dad. The phallus in the background is indeed the Washington Monument.

September 2004
September 2004: Erin and Brian dance at their wedding in a remote location in the Missouri countryside.

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  1. Good photos.

  2. Great start; this is going to be fascinating. (Though I wish for some kind of encore after 3.)

  3. This is making me SADDER!

  4. I totally forgot about craft night until just then. I think I actually went to see you at one of those! Scary.

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