Goodbye Dupont Circle

We have officially left our studio in Dupont Circle–one of the nice downtown boroughs of Washington, DC. Elle moved a few blocks away, while I embarked on my quest to re-discover Romania (I am writing this post at 3:30 AM Romanian time, heavily jetlagged and confused).

Below is the Google satellite image of our building complete with a view of our rooftop pool. Our old place is now (already!) inhabited by Raphael, a South American painter who tried to seduce Elle as she was moving out the last of our stuff. The Latino lover’s seduction methods included opening the door sporting an unbuttoned shirt and sagging belly, whispering nothings such as “I didn’t know they made such beautiful eyes,” and offering rides in his van.

If this reminds you of a slasher movie, you are not alone.

We hope Raphael enjoys his new place and we hope the other residents enjoy this fresh South of the border take on chest hairs.

Goodbye Dupont Circle! It’s been fun.

The Dupont Apartment

Update from Elle (July 15):

How about I give a sampling of Raphael’s best lines? I’ve decided that the reason this was so weird was that it was straight out of a romance novel, or some Oxygen network woman porn, except it was sexy, it was creepy and awkward.

– “Do you write poetry? You look like a poet.”

– “I didn’t know they made eyes as beautiful as yours. Look at me. [fake cry of amazement]. Thank God! It is true. They can make eyes so beautiful.”

– “Why don’t we go upstairs, and you can have one last dip in the pool?”

– “I’ve always wanted to go back to Barcelona. But I tell you, I have fallen in love with DC. So who knows? Maybe I will stay if some spectacular things happen here [wink wink].”

– “You are beautiful. Do you feel beautiful? When do you feel beautiful? Tell me.” [Me: “Um… Oh! Better not forget the casserole dish.”]

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  1. Man, I can’t BELIEVE that part about going to “have one last dip in the pool”

    More like “I want to have a dip inside you!”

    Ech. I feel molested.

    Other than THAT, I guess you should feel flattered??

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