Protests and books in Washington, DC

It was an interesting “pick your poison” day in downtown Washington, D.C. with a the huge antiwar protest that brought more than 150,000 people into the streets (says the Washington Post) and a huge National Book Festival.

I took my camera off the shelf for the first time in a while and descended to the Mall to capture both the antiwar activists and bookworms.

Below you’ll find a couple shots from the march, and a stunning excerpt from what I like to call “The Thomas Friedman Show” (just look at the interpreter trying to keep up).

I uploaded full photo albums of both events on my Flickr page:
– for the antiwar protest pictures click here.
– for National Book Festival pictures (including one of Jonathan Safran Foer) click here.

Shot at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and 14th Street.

Shot at the corner of Constitution Ave. and 14th Street.

…and now Thomas Friedman in a fall production of “The World Is Flat, The 30 Minutes summary”:

The Friedman Show

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  1. There seem to be a lot of breasts in those shots. 😛

  2. Breasts? Where?

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