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Lunch? Sure, just tell me where!

I am not the biggest fan of the Post Magazine, but sometimes they nail it. Here’s a story about lunch in Washington and the boom of the “fast-casual” restaurant scene (think Panera, Cosi, Chipotle, Baja Fresh or Au Bon Pain). I always felt there was something city-specific about these joints, but I could never pin […]

Ameroman and other American things

Ameroman. That’s what I am. Romerican and I brainstormed my status and he came up with “Ameroman.” Perfect blend to describe a Romanian in America with a twist. The twist is the key to joining the two identities — it’s trying to be a little bit of both and at times — at least in […]

32 American months

I connect to my past through music [1]. So when I came to America I started to miss my other life and I looked for (and found) songs that expressed my feelings. Every four months I used to burn a mix tape to a CD and label it 4 American Months, 8 American Months and […]

What wrestling can teach us about our culture

[Here is the essay I mentioned a couple days ago. I have a couple of rejections and I don’t have the patience to wait for the rest. Enjoy!] For more than two decades WrestleMania has lived hidden in plain sight behind the March Madness carnival and the start of the baseball season. Over 22 years […]

Putting bodies through tables

If it would be available I’d add “putting someone through a table” to my Amazon wish list. Boy, that would be quite a day. Until someone figures out transformative pro-wrestling experiences make a perfect gift (like the whole dying on your birthday experience Sean Penn bought Michael Douglas in “The Game”) I’m stuck with paying […]

Cherry trees blossom in DC

I have been waiting to see the cherry trees blossom since I moved to DC. This spring ritual is one of the calling cards of the city. Every year at the end of March (or begining of April) the more than 3,700 cherry trees bloom along the Tidal Basin and hordes of people from everywhere […]