Esquire #7 (April 2008)

After heaping much praise on the March issue, I’m back to do the same with the April one. Yes, I know it’s self-serving, but trust me, it’s worth it. There are some amazing stories in this one – well-reported, well-written and quite insightful.

Coperta Aprilie

Don’t let Arnold fool you – the magazine is comprised of 80 percent local content. We decided to translate the Arnold piece because he is an iconic figure all around the world. Not to mention that the piece is written by Tom Junod, which for me is enough to make me want to read it.

Let me preview some of the most interesting stories.

CNSAS opener
Dia Radu’s piece is about the consequences of accessing one’s Securitate (the communist secret police) files. Vasile Gavrilescu, a 71-year-old writer, did so. His life has never been the same since. This story is something like Das Leben Der Anderen, the German Oscar-winning film.

Trabant opener
A very entertaining – but also profound – story on the disappearance of the Trabant, the East German classic. Gabriela PiÅ£urlea has captured an interesting moment in time for a cult object that many don’t even consider to be car. The photos were shot by Andrei Pungovschi.

Alexandru opener
This is a story that I did on a man who dislikes routine so much that he’s prone to change gears when he is on top of his game. It’s a story about success, having it your own way and always building towards something better. Roald Aron shot the pictures.

Other stories:
– A great photo-feature on cocktail wizards and the drinks they mix.
– What I’ve Learned: Mircea Toma.
– Sexy women in underwear.
– The trickshot guru, Vali Carambol.
– The troubles of local media.
– and so much more.

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  1. sper ca ati pastrat si fotografiile din articolul cu arnold 😉

  2. Normal ca le-am pastrat. Cum sa omori frumusete de guvernator cu trabucul dupa el?

  3. can you please send me the article about Don Wildman
    in the april 2008 issue

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