Esquire #8 (May 2008)

After Arnold comes Robert Turcescu, one of Romania’s iconic media figures. Turcescu is the man on the May cover of Esquire Romania; in the story he talks about the sorry state of Romanian journalism and why taking a break has suddenly become an option.

Robert Turcescu

Other great stories in this issue, include:
Looking for Cristian Mungiu. An moving article on the director’s past year, and the toll the success of 4, 3, 2 has taken on him.
Electoral season is upon us. Esquire marks the occasion with 14 pages of mayor-centered stories and photographs.
– The Romanian Stradivarius and the violin player that brings it to life.
– A good year for climber David Neacsu.
– A funny joke told by VJ Elena.

And more good stuff. You can download the table of contents in PDF, here.

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