Miss New Orleans

I’ll stay away from blogging about hurricane relief and the storm aftermath politics, but I can’t ignore the tributes and cvasi-obituaries being written about New Orleans. A few days ago, CJR Daily took a swipe at those who’ve began mourning the loss of the town while evacuations were still taking place.

The Sunday papers carry an even heavier load of tributes; the NY Times even lays out 22 reasons to miss New Orleans (as Louis Armstrong sang).

I’ve visited New Orleans last year for a week — and joked () that it was the most Romanian of American cities. Whatever I saw last June, it was hardly more than a shallow glance at a city only the multi-generational Orlenians really understood.

I can’t help being sad at seeing a city — any city — fall. But it’s even sadder when the city falling is one whose streets I walked while thinking about John Kennedy Toole and The Confederacy of Dunces New Orleans pulled him into.

In the French Quarter

St. Louis Cemetary No. 1

At the foot of Bourbon Street

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  1. Those pictures make me feel so sad.

  2. Beautiful New Orleans. I’m going to go there for Halloween this year. We should ALL visit post Katrina, and give our tourist dollars. They need it. My heart cries for this city that I hold so dear.

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