Shoe laces and the world at large

My black Converse All Stars have been through the best moments of the past three months. Every now and then they gotphotographed. I’m putting some of these shots together because they trigger memories.


This shot was taken when Romerican brought himself to Targu Mures. Notice the little red sticker on the right shoe laces. It came from a pack of napkins and it’s still bright red.


Taken at the infamous Targu Mures party in mid-September.


The All Stars arrive in Bucharest.


No, washing would kill them.


The All Stars return to Targu Mures, battered, bruised and drained of color. Look at the sticker and the faded red streak still clinging to the shoe laces.


Yup, the plastic has given in a little, as well. There are major cracks on the side.


It’s cold in them these days so they’ll probably go into hibernation soon. Boy did they do a wonderful job.

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  1. I have my own pair of snickers. Bought them in Germany, and paid 20 euro for them. They are all leather, white and I have them for 1.5 years now.

    Don’t think I will ever have that luck again.

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