Happy 4th of July! (the protest edition)

Today, America celebrates its independence, the day when she decided to stick it to the English and pursue happiness, liberty, justice and everyday low prices. Today Americans across the land fry burgers, drape their bodies in the star spangled banner and remember how awesome it must have been to live in a time before annoyances like immigration, terrorism and immigrants with terrorist tendencies. All these downers make modern life a constant struggle.

There is no better day than today to celebrate American freedoms, which include the freedom to ignore the World Cup, the freedom to worship any American Idol and the freedom to stand in front of the White House sporting the latest in death masks and holding a sign informing visitors of the American death count in Iraq. Not to mention the freedom of doing so wrapped in a black cloth under the nation capital’s sweltering sun.

2539 dead in Iraq

I was strolling on Pennsylvania Ave. and happened to come across a group of protesters that were singing an anti-Bush version of “God Bless America,” which had “God Help America” as the chorus. A group of school children was in the area and their teachers promptly decided to restore order and patriotism at the sacred site, leading the kids into a counter version of the song, featuring the original lyrics. The two groups sang their hearts out at each other while people watched and snapped pictures (watch a brief video below).

Gotta love protests on America’s birthday. Happy 4th of July!

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