Back home to Romania – posts start July 15!

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For three months, beginning July 15 this blog will broadcast its subversive message from the motherland Romania. I am returning like Vlad Tepes did for his second reign, ready to examine my fellow Romanians with the cruel passion displayed by kids examining flies under a microscope or ants under a magnifying glass. This blog is prepapred to offer great wisdom of the Romanian people, their culture and their weird ways.

Potential topics include: Are our peasants better than yours? Are Romanians racist or are they color blind? Is Bucharest truly among the rudest capitals in the world? How many showers does the average Romanian take a week? How does Romanian summer smell like? Do vampires like virgins? Do virgins like Italian business men? Is Romanian journalism as dead as American manufacturing?

And that doesn’t even begin to cover it. Do you have a question about Romania? Send it along and I’ll attempt to answer it when this blog makes the trip BACK HOME!

4 Responses to “Back home to Romania – posts start July 15!”

  1. Oh, I’m looking forward to that! I hope you’ll be active on flickr as well – it’s the first time I’m not going home for more than a year…
    Any chance we might hear you on radio lynx? It appears to be so trendy now 🙂
    Anyway, enjoy.

  2. Servus Cristian,
    din intimplare si dupa ceva cautari s-a confirmat ca este tirgumureseanul pe care nu l-am mai vazut din perioada cind era licean la papiu si venea cu tatal lui la Computer Center pentru diverse achizitii de componente de calculator.Era vorba de inceputurile fundatiei Alpha Transilvana.Apropo, in aceasta vara am colaborat cu Alpha Transilvana si lucram si acum pe ceva proiecte multimedia :

    In masura in care vei ajunge dupa 15 iulie prin Tirgu Mures, poate iti vei face timp pentru o poveste cu un tirgumuresean, care se intimpla sa lucreze cu si pentru oameni/firme din DC si nu numai .

  3. What are they watching on TV over there?

  4. see my comment under “Romania is so NOT gay”. I’d love to engage in a dialogue with you. Thank you for posting your thoughts and feelings in the blog about your homeland. I am so interested in making connections with people in other countries that are currently unfamiliar to me.

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