(Some) Summer songs ’06

As summer kicks into full gear complete with the stench of overworked armpits and back alley ethnic restaurant trash containers, there is little as soothing as nice sing along indie pop. I have yet to build the soundtrack of summer, but here is a playlist I put together for a trip Elle took to Missouri.

It reflects the most heavily played songs in my WinAmp at the moment and it warrants just a little explanation. Tilly and the Wall is an Omaha band that I discovered in early 2005. My Romanian friends nicknamed them “The Irish” presumably because of the tap dancing percussion and all-around happy mood. They just released their second record, “Bottoms of barrels.” “Bad education” is by far the most well-rounded track on there.

Beirut is just a fantastic band with a mellow touch and a foreign air although they are–like every fourth band these days–from Brooklyn. Yes, that is a new Dashboard Confessional song and no, I am not ashamed to admit it. The Violent Femmes track might seem odd given that it’s almost a decade old but it’s one of the tracks Tilly and the Wall played when they DJed on All Songs Considered. I had never heard it before but I was instantly hooked. Rilo Kiely’s “Papillon” is also an older track, but still awesome.

The “hardest” tracks (a strech in this line-up) are new cuts from Muse (the rock underdogs from Britain) and Placebo.

1. The Mountain Goats – Woke Up New (2:57)
2. Beirut – Mount wroclai (Idle Days) (3:15)
3. Tilly & The Wall – Bad Education (4:07)
4. Muse – Starlight (3:59)
5. Violent Femmes – Kiss Off (4:29)
6. Dashboard Confessional – Don’t Wait (4:05)
7. Placebo – Post blue (3:14)
8. Camera Obscura – Come Back Margaret (3:47)
9. Calexico – Cruel (3:59)
10. The Dresden Dolls – Sing (4:40)
11. The Raconteurs – Steady, as she goes (3:35)
12. Rilo Kiley – Papillon (3:50)
13. Tilly & The Wall – Love Song (3:06)
14. Franz Ferdinand – Walk away (3:36)
15. Morrissey – You have killed me (3:08)
16. Stellastarr* – Love and longing (4:19)
17. Neko Case – Hold on, hold on (2:46)
18. Candy Bars – Landscape (3:16)
19. Tommy Tutone – 867-5309 (Jenny) (3:47)
20. Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken (3:49)
21. Beirut – Postcards from Italy (4:17)

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