A couple of hands up

Owlspotting was reviewed by the blog critics at I Talk 2 Much. Two hands out of five. It did well in looks, but it appears the reviewers were scared (and scarred) by the lenght of the posts. Why am I not suprised? No one ever taught me how to go about stopping. Here’s what they said:

What does the blog title have anything to do with the blog itself? Nothing that I could see. Maybe I’m missing a private joke. I hate being left out.

So anyway, Romania brings to us another intelligent blog. Only this one has posts that are pages long and mostly about political goings on. Well he’s a journalist, what did I expect? If I wanted to read about this kinda stuff, I’d go read a newspaper. His writing is quite thoughtful and informative, but long-winded. I’d hire him if I owned a newspaper, but I wouldn’t read his blog.

The template is clean and organized with minimal crap. No obnoxious colors. I like minimal crap and no obnoxious colors. Good work.

3 Responses to “A couple of hands up”

  1. I bet you’re heartbroken. Try and stay away from razorbladese this weekend, eh?

  2. How do all these people find you? It’s like you’re famous. I thought you were only famous in Romania. 🙂

  3. Huh? “If I wanted to read about this kinda stuff, I’d go read a newspaper” ??? What newspaper would that be? The Romanian Journalist from Transilvania Expat Rants and Thoughts Daily News?

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