Polling the people: a new blog?

If you don’t speak Romanian, please consider the ridiculous question I will pose next not as a dismissal of your worthiness, but as genuine solicitation of your opinion. The truth is that I’ve always had a problem dissociating an online space from the purpose it was created for. When owlspotting started, it was meant as an English language blog, largely about America and my interaction with it. It then added elements of reflection on country, language and memory, but they also came from a Romanian parsing things from an American vantage point.

I wrote once before about the difficulties I faced restarting this blog after my three months in Romania last summer. I feel the same problem coming on now, when I’m once again an active player in Romania for an indefinite period of time.

So, should I start another blog–this time in Romanian? Should it be separate from this one or an extension of it? Should it be as constrained to a few topics (as this one is), or should it be more blog-like, thus prone to rants on God knows what?

If you speak Romania, feel free to throw around some names.

In short, I want your opinions. Why? Because as someone who is a trained journalist, the idea that I’d be starting something without an audience (as little as it may be) is not an appealing one.

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  1. I say: in Romanian, on a specific subject – media, that is. Should be separated. You should keep this one too for internationally relevant topics.

    Don’t rant. Let me do that. 🙂

  2. If you write in Romania, we won’t be able to read it…

  3. I meant “Romanian”

  4. I’ll be reading whatever the language.

  5. As a Romanian-living-abroad who bumped into your blog by chance – from link to link that is, and I have no idea what I was initially looking for – but still came back regularly, I would say that the linguistic part does not affect me. I would however say write about Romania but in English. Romanians writing in Romanian about Romania is a bit too limited. Plus you’d be able to mix the Romanian reality with your American experience (through English), which can be quite interesting for your audience.
    Parerea mea. 🙂

  6. This one in English. Perhaps another one in Romanian, but not needed.

  7. Why would you have another one in another language? What would be the purpose of that? For whom would you write? I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, I was just not clear why you would want to. I check your blog from time to time, either from Jo’s or from Bradut’s blogs.

  8. irina ioana Says:

    Write in whatever language pleases you, but do write.

    Take care

  9. Please, continue to write. I enjoyed your thoughts alot!
    I myself am a returnee from a 2 years and a half-stay in the good ole USA!
    I would like to read/know more about your experience. Sounds like you made the most of your stay.
    I stayed in KY. I loved it there. I love the South, though KY would not be the most representative for what the South really is.
    I got to travel a lil bit. I returned to my home country for Christmas, this past December, due to a combination of visa situation and longing for my family, my identity and all…
    Do write. I will try to write more. I am happy I came accross this blog with a friend’s help.
    Take care

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