Happy New Year!

Bucharest, a couple of days ago. After a night of heavy snow, the city practically shut down. Being forced to stay inside and watch movies all day is not a bad start to the year. Especially if one of those movies is Say Anything. And yes, I’ve come to agree with this Washington Post story that has made me aware of this early John Cusack film: Lloyd Dobbler is the man.

But back to the snow:

An image from behind the apartment building.

Shot from the balcony. Pretty white out there.

Out front, people are trying to dig out their cars.

Good luck with that.

PS: Happy New Year!
PS2: For a few years now I’ve paid attention to the first track that I hear in a new year. This year, courtesy of a TV jingle, it was Nicole’s Whatever U Like. Oh boy.

3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. dude, you weren’t aware of Say Anything?!… utter shock over here 🙂

  2. and Hank Stuever is the man.

    I’m waiting for his third V-Day article in this series, where he concedes that it’s not Jake Ryan or Lloyd Dobbler, but Ferris Bueller who reigns supreme.

  3. The problem with Bueller is he doesn’t know that much about women. Not that Ryan or Dobbler do. But at least Dobbler had intuition 🙂

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