Esquire #5 (Jan/Feb 2008)

Esquire is moving forcefully into the New Year with another strong issue – complete with ruminations on the European Union, the meaning of life (by Johnny Depp and Tim Burton), women’s underwear (by me) the state of Romanian culture (by Sorin Adam Matei) and so much more (check out the summary pages below). Johnny Depp graces the cover of this issue, which should ensure plenty of women readers. It’s funny. Even though Esquire is a men’s magazine, plenty of women read it and enjoy it. I’ve even heard some say that they wish there was a women’s magazine that printed the types of stories Esquire does.

Esquire - Ianuarie

I did mostly editing for this issue (editing is cool), but I did write a column for “Influence”. It argues that while you try to make the world work in your favor, other are doing the same. And sometimes they do it better than you. I also interviewed Nicoleta of pop band Hi-Q and thought up a “If you do this, then that” Valentine’s Day chart.

Esquire - Ianuarie - SumarEsquire - Ianuarie - Sumar [2]Other goodies in issue #5:
Romania & EU: One year together
Charlize is a woman we love
Sean treks through Romania searching for the perfect saorma
– Working to write
– The bombing of Radio Free Europe
Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, a man of the 19th centrury
Radu Paraschivescu on selling stuff
– and much much more (including tips on how to brew the best coffee, Bradut on PR practices, the best acting performances of 2007, and a spectular pictorial featuring Romanian snowboarders and skiers).

* Designed by the team of Raymond Bobar and Catalina Zlotea.

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5 Responses to “Esquire #5 (Jan/Feb 2008)”

  1. Why jan / feb issue? No new issue till march? 🙂

  2. Yay, the cover is back! And what a cover indeed.

  3. Thank to both. Hope you’ll like the new issue. And yes, March is when issue #6 will hit the stands. We gave ourselves a little break — it was a hectic few months.

  4. Johnny Depp next to the word “cum” = priceless. Because that’s just what I think of when I see that picture of him. 🙂

  5. Man. I would be so happy if this was sold outside of Romania as well. Keep up the good work.

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