Living off a chicken’s ass

My Bucharest apartment is (still) largely empty. I barely have any clothes here, I am using kitchen utensils borrowed from my friends, and I live by the “3 things you buy first in a new apartment” list: an excruciatingly large amount of chips (because cooking this early on is out of the question), bedding (there’s something comforting about new sheets) and toilet paper (to ease the pain of the chips).

If you are lucky, you have friends who’ll come and attempt to cook a first meal using the paucity of equipment. They’ll even stuff whole lemons up a chicken’s ass and make it the smokiest meal you’ve seen in recent years. And it’ll be damn tasty! Thanks Jo!

Jo si puiu

3 Responses to “Living off a chicken’s ass”

  1. hahaha, ce tava ai bro’! miss you dearly! long live Virtutii, man!

  2. You welcome. 🙂 Next time, gombotz. Then chicken masala (a la Jo), curry chicken, spinach&feta&cascaval pie… 🙂

  3. Ok, that chicken looks delicious….Not a nice post to read at 5.17 pm when you are starving and still have work to do in the office 😀 I moved 3 months ago in an apartment with furniture, they said. I still don’t get where the owners kept their stuff. My things are still spread across my room’s floor, in boxes 😛

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