Romerican’s Targu Mures exploits hit the Internets

It look our man Romerican more than three months to pick himself up from the brawl of Targu Mures, but he finally managed a recovery. He provides the world with a detailed account of his exploits in Romania’s awesomest city, where a crew of healthy, young locals made sure he felt alive.

Judging from the never-ending post Romerican put up on the Internets earlier today, I’d say his soul was stirred and shaken. Simultaneously.

2 Responses to “Romerican’s Targu Mures exploits hit the Internets”

  1. And I still wonder whatever came of dear ol’ Wilhelm Von Hinkelmauser, no doubt embarking on a “direct marketing” tour to introduce his product to prospective consumers in the all important 21-24 female demographic.

  2. Sometimes I wonder about him as well. I didn’t like him for one second, but I did admire the resilience with which he pursued his immoral goals. Fascinating.

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