Veni, Vidi, Party

One thing has constantly topped my list of things to do since I came home: throw a party. I used to ask my friends every week: “so, anyone found a basement yet?” I talked so much about this possibility that we filled our time coming up with party themes: Bucegi party, reading party, underwear party and the quasi-deviant cold cuts party (a lot of thought went into planning a cold cuts party, including the creation of boloni bras and sausage skirts).

A party finally happened last night. Because of Matt’s insistence that he makes good brownies, we called it a dessert party and told people to bring desserts–preferably something made by themselves or a coerced family member. I wanted to have a party because I wanted to play DJ. I love to see people have a good time and playing music for them offers instant gratification. Plus, it’s been three years since I’ve been collecting bands and tracks that don’t make it across the ocean and it was time to play some of them.

As the pictures below attest, it was all a wonderful blur–the sugar rush from the sweets and the sweet red wine probably. I did get to play things I’ve been dying to make people listen to and here are a few tracks that come to mind:

>> Violent Femmes, Kiss off.
>> Something Corporate, I woke up in a car.
>> The Killers, When you were young.
>> Tilly and the Wall, Bad education.

Still, the party went crazy (in the best of ways) when around 2:30 AM I reached for the mid 1990s euro dance playlist. No matter where most of us ended up musically, this is where we started. And here’s what we played:

>> Maxx, Getaway.
>> Culture Beat, Mr. Vain.
>> Mr. President, Coco Jumbo.

5 AM ping pong does this to people.

You’d think people were falling asleep. This picture is lying.

See how engaged they were?

And how fast they were dancing?

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