Going medieval @ Excalibur

I’ve been testing restaurants and bars in Targu Mures for the past two weeks and I’ve finally found something remarkable enough to mention. It’s called Excalibur and it’s a medieval-themed restaurant (that’s the sell line). To the owners this implies humongous portions and the possibility to eat without cutlery–use your fingers, dip them in a bowl of water and wipe them on a towel.

We ordered a dish for four people (six of us ate from it) and it weighed more than 11 pounds. As you can see, that included two chickens and a bunch of other types of meat, potatoes, vegetables and two bananas. I don’t know how medieval bananas are, but they certainly added to the feast.

The best part is that drinks and food for 8 people cost a little more than $50. For the amount of food and drinks we ingested that’s cheap even by Romanian standards.


Excalibur 2

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  1. Ha ha – it’s either the original OR a copy of Budapest’s Excalibur…

    I think it’s a copy – the one in Budapest was not cheap at all, you were provided with a huge cover for your clothes (that I can’t spot in the pics) and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t use bananas and olives…

  2. Given that it’s Targu Mures we’re talking about, you’re most likely right. But it was damn good.

  3. The one is Budapest is called Lancelot, actually, but they were all in the same movie…

  4. The American version offers a pretty fun show, but I gotta say the Romanian version looks like it has better food and faaaar better prices.

  5. oh, jo, you’re right…

  6. Something about those bananas makes me feel dirty.

  7. That is a lot of food out there 😉
    I think is called an king’s meal, I like their medieval style (swords, axes , and clothing)
    Pitty they don’t let you try one of the swords

  8. Gotta love this town. :))

  9. You can’t take them down… they are really well fixed on the wall;)
    Btw Marius, you forgot the shields and mural paintings:)
    Anyway… ‘bon apetit’:)

  10. The ‘American version’ as Romerican said can be seen in Jim Carrey’s Cable guy comedy also, although the food wasn’t the center of attention:)

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