Local accidents (oil on canvas)

I always said “one thing that can make a day suck is hitting a pole on the side of the road.” It’s not as bad as being hit by a tram as the week kicks off, but it’s still pretty bad.


Inca un stalp

3 Responses to “Local accidents (oil on canvas)”

  1. Ouch. I hope nobody got hurt.

  2. Jeez, almost looks like the driver must have fallen asleep.

    That or he was doing the Romanian ‘third lane’ manuever while using his mobile phone when he suddenly dropped his cigarette between his legs when he went to take a bite of his gogoasa…

  3. From the first picture, it almost looks like the cop (militianul:-)) is saluting, something to the effect of :Hail to the..driver!! (Bravos natiune!)
    Scary, but unfortunately everyday occurence in Romania.

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