A load of Americana

On a trip to Cluj yesterday, my brother and I got stuck behind the behemoth below. It’s a Dodge, one of those 3500 RAM monsters that consumes enough gas to power a small African village. Romanians don’t own many such monsters (yet), but I bet many would love to. I also doubt that there are many Romanians that will yell in true American protest fashion “You took us to war” as the proud driver powers by.

The car was not only American made, it had an Arizona license plate. There are various possible scenarios here:

  1. The sons of Scottsdale have discovered the horrific recently dug up streets of Cluj and have embarked on an off-road dare.
  2. A Romanian immigrant ferries this monster home to show how good and large his… American life is.
  3. A frustrated local businessmen orders something BIG to compensate for the perpetual smallness in his life.
Gas guzzler

2 Responses to “A load of Americana”

  1. wow, that’s nuts, especially with gas prices in europe… he [she? less likely i think] must have had it brought over by ship.

  2. Looks like an Oregon plate to me!

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