Ask a Romanian: What do Romanian females wear?

Sara’s ever curious journalistic mind wondered a few days ago how Romanian women dress. That’s a tough one because you’d get numerous answers depending on whom you ask and what city you’re in. If you narrow this down to the younger demographic, many would be inclined to reply: “the majority goes for slutty and see-through. Which, some would gladly argue, is awesome because men like it and women like men to like it.”

Since that would be stereotyping Romanian women as being constantly on the prowl for rich old men with fancy cars (hmmmm) I decided the answer should lie within the more decent yet trendy realm. So I’ve asked Andressa to provide an answer and she did. She also provided a sample from her personal photo album.

There you go, a little more decency than you normally get at pools around the city (why are 15-year-olds topless?). And we have chosen decency today for selfish reasons–there are enough fat old men from Italy and Turkey flashing their cash and blabbering with excitement about how Romania is easy-pickens paradise.

Andressa says: “Most college girls choose jeans and sport shoes with a t-shirt showing their bellybutton during the day, and adult females usually wear a deux-piece or a skirt and a short sleeve blouse (very rarely you would see a lady in sports garments). I myself like sports outfits: t-shirts, short skirts / jeans and sandals.

In the urban areas, many young women wear skimpy outfits, many accessories and colorful make-up. I guess that is why they say Romanian girls are beautiful: they show a lot of skin. But that’s starting to change. Many famous international brands have boutiques in Bucharest now and that’s reflected in the everyday style of people: there are less and less differences between the way a Romanian woman dresses and a Western European one does.”

Andressa colaj

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  1. Hi all together,
    I lived 3 years in bucharest and I can say that it is really absolut not so intresting how a romanian girl is dressed.
    The 40 years communism, the emptyness in their brains, the behaving in public, their not existing ability to have friends (becouse every romanian is a selfish romanian) or to be strong in a team, the cheating and lying (i really dont want to hear something “you should not generalize” – becouse in this case i strongly can), the fact that doctors advice you to leave dying people on the streets alone (no better you should kick them in the ass as long as they are gypsies…), the deep deep deep corruption in every soul there (with a little money you get your paper faster…lol) and so on and so on…yes it really matters if they copy some mainstreet dresses from MTV…absolut. If this country starts not soon to change their whole livestyle – the whole world will laugh about them as cheap workforce provider with 50% of their income from bitches in videochat houses. Quality starts not with a good dress – it starts with a site that translates their manele lyrics in english – this would be a brilliant picture of this society!!! La revederci Romania…

  2. not all romanian girls are after money!!! i knw this romanian girls who is with a rich bloke and wants to leave him to earn her own money and get her own flat so not all romanians are the same !!! she is just upset coz she cnt get permission to work so cnt leave!!! she also dresses very nice and is very beutiful much more than english women romanians are the sexiest girls in the world!!!!!

  3. I love Romania and I am an american male 40 years old si vorbesc deasemenea limba romana pentru ca am studiat un an aici in statele unite.My romanian language teacher here in the United states is from Maramures and she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful woman I have ever meet in my life!I have a friend of mine from France and he was the one that introduced me to her and you know what he said?Ken,she’s just average for a romanian woman,there are even women hotter than her.With that comment alone I left to go visit Romania and spent three months in Baia Mare and I loved it!Romania is awesome,love it!love it!love it!

  4. Hello!I am a romanian girl and I wanna tell u first of all(for thoose who dont know history)even if we are situated in the balkan area we are latin.we are not turkish or slavs ..our forefathers are latins and our alphabet has at base the latin alphabet.our language is very close to french and spanish and italian..and yes we are latin.
    The beauty of a woman is not in her nationality….here in Romania we have very beautiful women and also women not very pretty.i bet this is everywhere in this world.And for all frustrated american women..girls dont worry !we dont wanna take ur men!i am sure everywhere are goods n bads and yes east european women are slimmer because the “junk food”came very late here.and for a guy who said that is not any romanian known model i will tell him some names maybe he will think better before talking:ALINA PUSCAU,DIANA DONDOE,CATRINEL MENGHIA…and the fashion has the base in Europe(not Romania) not in USA.Is true that here was pure poverty..this is why many women here appreciate if a guy is able to take care of them but this doesnt mean we dont have ethical values.I am sorry to see that people just put a label on a person only because of the nationality:(

  5. Elena,

    Let the Hot Romanian women take U.S. men away. It’s a good thing. And Romanian women will never be like U.S. women cause they real women are slim not fat. Hot and sexually open women is a good thing. That’s why Romanian is great.

    Also it is NOT like everywhere in the world you stupid. MOST Romanian girls are pretty when compared with women in the U.S. This is undeniable fact.

  6. Jojobeans,

    South America is a continent, not a country. Shows how retarded women in the U.S. are when it comes to geography.
    Romanian girls are superior to American(those from U.S and Canada) women. This is fact that you fail to realize. But then again you must be a fat obese woman or a man that likes men, jealous of the slim and fit beauties from Romania.

  7. Eastern european and Scandinavian women are the best in the world, i cannot understand why do u critize so much romanian girls; if u want to see materialistic horrible and ignorant women go to spain, besides pig farms have more class and more style than they do

  8. I am a 41 year old man whose greatest love of my life was a romanian girl. She was and still is the most beutiful woman i have or ever will see. Alas, the memories of my youth are forever reminding me that I am old and unwanted.

  9. I agree with chuck!Go to Bamboo Club! And you will see what Romanian woman doing for money! 20 years old girl (dressed like hookers)with 50 years ugly men! It is truth ugly rich old foreigner guys are coming in Bamboo to pick up their toy! but who doesn’t like money! Club is well known in Bucharest like Hunters club! Our best looking women going (but not the smartest one) there to make their life easier! They are not hookers, they are just looking for better life! If you are going there to have sex, don’t go! because most of them they are pretending that they are unavailable but after few lunches or diners, some presents you can have a nice toy. So it is much less complicated if you are calling high escort! It is truth and that is the reason why Romanians (men) doesn’t like foreigners! But women they do!!! 🙂

  10. fuck you american girls,romanian girls and boys have a great taste in fashion and are far prettier than you are and many other europeans.i’ve been to europe and i saw how they dress, you should come to romania and see and stop accusing a nation because of your lack of knowledge,and romanian girls are not hoes,there are plenty of hookers and fake people in usa just look at your celebrities, all they care about is money and looks .why don’t you judge them.and by the way, at least we don’t throw our elders into unsanitary nursing homes we respect them and we fight for a better life, we don’t take everything for granted like you should get out of that bubble you’re living in and see the true world, like africa where people have nothing to eat ,where people have to work hard just to get something to eat and to own animals.


  12. I have learned quite a lot from all these comments. I have no idea what to believe now, actually. I think I will start with the facts and try to make my conclusions from the facts.
    Romania has been extremely poor, both before and after the fall of Ceacescu. Romania also has been, for a long time, one of the most corrupt countries in the world. One thing that I noticed that has not been mentioned is that many Romanians know English, from some to a lot. Just like in the Netherlands, American tv shows are not dubbed but
    subtitled, so English has been heard by most Romanians.
    I do not see anyone arguing that Romanian women are thinner than American women. The reason would be less money to pay for food and less access to junk food. On the other hand, I believe that some Romanians have a starchy diet and definitely can get fat. Every single member of a Romanian family I knew in Romania was overweight by more than a few pounds. I have never been there, but I have been told that most Romanians, or at least younger women, are not fat.
    As far as fashion, I really do not care about that so much. Most people want to look their best. It seems from the comments that most Romanians, or at least the younger ones, try to do that.
    It seems that video chatsites (I left out a word) are full of Romanian women. I am sure most of them would prefer to do something else. I had no idea it is such a large part of the economy, but from what I have seen, at least inn 2008 or 2009 there are few regular jobs in many parts of the country
    From these comments, it seems that Romanian women are gold diggers. They marry American men to come to the United States.This is not isolated to Romania of course, as many women from other poor foreign countries do the same thing, only to ditch the man as soon as they cannot be sent back.
    It is probably true that Romanians, as are other Latins, have closer families than Americans. This is a generalization of course for both Romanians and Americans.
    I have no idea if Romanians have bad teeth or not. I know this is true of Greece. It depends on sugar or acid in the diet, access to dental care, and whether or not brushing one’s teeth is a standard.
    I have known lots of people from the UK with bad teeth–this seems not to have changed much in my lifetime. Bad teeth are not attractive. I do know that not ALL Romanians have bad teeth.
    As for “hot” women, I am just too old to think that way now. However, I generally do not trust Romanians, and lots of Romanians have told me they do not either. I was taken for a massive amount of money by one woman there. Although all the money was supposed to be loans, and the woman always promised she was a
    “woman of her word”, and believed in God, I have not now heard from her in a year and a half. And yes I know she is still living. When I suffered terrible side effects from cancer medication and was completely broke, she had no interest in helping me or even giving me any type of emotional support.
    I have reported this person repeatedly to the Romanian fraud site, something like It says you can write in English or Romanian. Nobody ever responded to my reporting,
    Also, in order to join the EU, Romania had to do something about PayPal fraud. Romanians are not allowed access to Ebay. This tells you something about some Romanians’ abilities as thieves.
    Yet, despite all this, does this mean all Romanians are either golddiggers or thieves when given opportunity and means? I really do not know. I have learned it is probably best not to trust Romanians very much. I am empathetic about their poor conditions, but they might lie to you about them too.
    Also, I knew a person who went there about 3 years ago, before the financial crisis. He said it was his least favorite place in all of Europe, as the people were dreary and never smiled at all. The only other thing I know about is the packs of dogs in the street in Bucharest, if they are still there.
    Finally, my problem with American women is not their weight. That is just part of our culture. It seems, more and more, women have unrealistic expectations for men–and if they do not meet them, they get dumped. Now American women might have a list of requirements that man has to have to date. I cannot see how this
    could ever work out. And often the man also has to be “cute” or “handsome”. Of course, from this site most of the comments are about how the Romanian women look also.
    I just wanted to find out more about Romanian women, but it seems, like in all cultures, it comes down to the specific individual.
    However because of the endemic poverty that makes so many want to leave and because many do know some English, these kind of relationships are certainly not going to go away. If the corruption would disappear and the financial crisis passes, maybe these type of relationships would no longer happen.

  13. european girls dont need love they need credit card master card . love mean truth love . european girls are totally fraud. european girls are cruel in short all european girls on web sites selfish and thresh hearted.

  14. haha! this whole discussion makes me laugh!! ive had this discusson many times before!!
    true, most romanian girls are thinner than american girls but just look at their moms! its only a matter of time before they look like barrels. north american women are more likely to be cougars than their romanian counterparts. i saw one cougar in romania compared to many here. and the nasty tomato hair is funny too! one thing they could do is SMILE more!!
    i could go on, but i dont think i will. i lived there for 2 years, married a romanian man, and then came back to canada. i had a great time!! sorry about the disjointed paragraph…

  15. american country girl Says:

    Trident, It seems you feel very bitter against american women and you are right there are alot of fat women over here. Most of them are lazy. Although I’m not one of them my body burns alot of calories because I work hard. It pisses me off when there are fat slobs sitting around who dont work for anything they have and I work three rotating shifts. I guess it is hard to see the thin ones for all the fat ones. It goes to show you ONE of the meanings of american greed. From a american woman.

  16. american country girl Says:

    my god life is too short to worry about what is in fashion. Wear what ever makes you happy who cares what the next person thinks. If they dont like it tell them to kiss your @$$! In the end we will be judged by one who cares nothing for clothes.

  17. Ce ciudat este ca vad ca aici este engleza , nu mai e nimeni care stie romaneste?

    si ce este cu ideea ca romancele sint obsedate de bani si alearga numai dupa bosorogi cu bani, nu toate sint la fel.

    mai ales ca acolo ca si in alte tari sint grase, umputite, scirboase dar si frumoase scumpe generoase destepte etc etc.

    majoritatea comentatiilor sint pline de minciuni, generalizari si lucruri banale, uitati-va la voi si nu mai imprastiati prostii pe net.

  18. most ridiculous blog Says:

    this is the most ridiculous blog ive ever read. the american men in here are pigs. all they care about is if someones hot or not? what about personalities? i know a romanian girl and she was one of the most unattractive girls ive ever known. every country has its good looking people and its ugly people. romania and canada alike. why would the face of someone in romania be any different from one in canada? no logic in that to me. and the styles are different in different countries, no one should be so rude. and its sexest to think of romanian women like that, even if they are irritating…

  19. Lisa Says;

    Hey you really must be some fat American whale. American girls are fat and ugly. The ugliest women I have seen are in Britian and United States.

    You never been to Romania. I lived there for a long time, and there are tons of cougars and milfs. What you saw, are old women from the communist period. The newer cougars and milfs look a thousand times better than your fat ugly American women.

    Even after 25 without kids, an American woman becomes fat like a dinosaur but with hair all over the body because American women are very hariy. Why don’t you people stop eating ? Africa could use that food.

    And to “most ridiculous blog” Sorry to inform you, but there is something called different cultures. In Romania, slim is considered normal, while in your wannabee America, Canada, fat is in. So you are a loser.

  20. Zfag:

    You must be some gay men. Actually you never read the statistics. When Romanian women marry American males, there is a 94 percent success rate. So you must be gay with your theory that they just leave.

    American divorce rate is higher above 50 percent when American men marry American women.

    Since when gay guys can post here. Go to some other place.

  21. 99.99percent romanian females are sluts hardly wear anyting you can see teir thongs panty and when they bend over you can see the pubic hair and the pussy lips in the side gross so gross

  22. Let me just say I am a 26 year old (skinny) female living in London England. For me and the rest of England Romania is a country known for it’s huge amount of neglected children. When we think of Romania we see the images of many sad childen most of whom will become disabled due to lack of love and affection. I think everyone should concentrate on putting a end to this pain. What people wear is not relevant. I where a mini dress one day when I go clubbing. I look good with without make up. I’m definitely not fat. I know that romanina can not compare with the usa or Britian. I can say that in the whole of Britian their are no homeless children. The children all go to school it’s the law by the age of 4 years of age. We have free dental care and free health service. People are treated equal if u are homeless you are housed with your children. Not only does Britian look after all their own people. The country also provides this for many others. Children are number one priorityto us. Romania has a lot of catching up to do. We are not even ment to get caught smaking our own children if we restrained them to a bed we would go to prison. Romania is in a state and needs help. Look after your children because we can’t watch these horror stories any longer.

  23. heidi, this is a classic mistake everybody makes. It is so easy to watch a BBC show about Romania’s abandoned children and label all Romaian mothers… I am afraid you are sad and limited. The orphans shown in this program are the sad result of very young or mentally disabled parents. But hey ho, how many teenage pregnancies have we got in England? How many teenage girls have a baby to get a council house? Too many! How many paedophiles in England? Oh, too many! No, YOU should look after your children. There is, indeed, lack of funds in Romania and it will probably take 50 more years to put a social services sytem in place. Dentists are free in Romania, too, and so are other medical services. Private cabinets might be more popular, but do not talk if you don’t know.
    There aren’t better mothers and loving women than the Romanians. I am sorry, I got a bit carried away. let me rephrase. Many of the foreign mothers/parents are much better and affectionate than the British mothers. Just like the African nurses in the NHS hospitals will always be better than the white English ones. It’s in your nature. A Romanian woman will never carry her child aroundwith a dirty nose, will not give him dirty clothes and will fill the child’s life with all the possible love a mother can have. So many – or too many – white British mothers cannot dress themselves, let alone their children, despite the thousands paid in their bank account under the title of benefit.
    Get real girl, those cases you’ve seen on BBC are isolated. Nobody can deny there are people in Romania who live a tribal life in some isolated village, I am sure these problems are now being addressed, and if you want to help, why don’t you donate some money and clothes and stop bitching!
    I can assure you that my two children are the happiest and smartest around and guess what! I dress like a model, I wear make up every day, I do my own cleaning, I do my own cooking, love my husband, and I am a still a fit size 8 with a cute bum! Oh, did I mention, I am educated to a Master’s degree. And nobody has the right to judge me or any other Romanian woman when all they know is what they watch in a BBC program about the orphans.

  24. Hello, I am an American woman. I am currently working with local churches to donate children clothing, and we knit blankets for the Romanian children, and put together Christmas boxes for them. We are also planning on a group effort to go to Romania and volunteer to help the orphanes. It saddens me that people think of American woman as they do. We care about our country, and the countries of others. Our government money always contributes to relief efforts when natural disasters occur, or to help countries in need. In fact, American government have considered Romania friends, and we have only wanted to see life get better for them. Walk in our churches and you will find that nearly everyone, provides for their own and has programs running for other countries of all kinds. That’s just the churches…..almost every school I know has relief programs for other countries. We applauded the Romanians for agreeing to put the missle shield site there, not to protect the Americans, but the Romanian people as well. I have been raised as an American to love people all around the world and to not judge. Our schools teach us at a young age not hate people of other countries, or judge. OUr mothers and fathers teach us this. Many American girls are raised this way, and I do not know many rascist American woman, who only want to nurture and care for their own and naturally help others in need. Over here in the United States most Americans talk good about people of other countries, including Romania. It’s just a real bummer that we are thought of this way, and i really wish I never came across this site, and am trying very hard to keep my old views. You can all hate, and throw stones, but I decided, that I will still donate my time towards helping, despite the fact that you seem to hate us. But, when one of my blankets wraps around an orphaned baby, and is warmed, I hope that child grows with a better influence than what I see here. As for the British woman, you are true, and beautiful, not just on the outside, but most importantly on the inside. Thank You. As for the ‘American Country Girl’, you are a disgrace to the American people, and you do not represent our country.

  25. young romanian girls are sluts, well a lot of them. one of them a 22yr old went after my 53yr old husband from SA. the affair continued for 1yr with him going over for monthly visits (me thinking he was on business trips to Turkey). We lived in Romania for a year and I saw the way the girls walked around on the beaches topless with their little g-strings on. Lots of them had old men on their arms. To me it is the most dispicable place on this earth. the girls have these slinky bodies and dog faces with lotsa makeup. they are just common. Not to say my husband was not to blame. I now cannot get the pictures out of my head of him with this slut. We are together and I do love him and he says the same and says he was in a bad place, we had other problems with finances and lies from him. Then this slut appeared and obviously been a man of 53 and a 22yr old with a slinky body wants to have sex with you, what an ego boost for him. Sick though it is. Then after he broke it off with her when i found out, she mails him and says she is pregnant. well she had an abortion, like they all do there over and over again. think nothing of it, said she did not want the child if she could not have him. the worst for me is the picture i have of them having sex, that i cannot get out of head, especially when we make love.

  26. A Romanian women broke my heart. I proposed to her. She lied to me about everything. In the end, it was all about the money. Her mother pushed her up to act in odd ways with me. I really loved her. But now I feel so bad. Really broken my heart is over this girl.

  27. What do u have in ur brains, people??? everywhere u find hookers, US, Canada, UK…etc and yes, wow, surprisingly, in Romania as well this such a big deal for u to comment on a site??? and wow, again, surprisingly, not all Romanian girls are sluts (i’m not!, and i’m pretty sure i know many other people who r not) just because some slags appear on tv or u see them on the street/clubs dressed like crap doesn’t mean the whole nation is like that.. and for the woman above who said those things about the children in Romanian, GROW UP and show some respect for everyone! i study in uk and i see loads of neglected children everywhere!! don’t tell me about that!! back home i could barely see any.. maybe they r in the very poor villages or things like that, but anyway, stop generalizing people, and bare in mind the stereotypes: Romanians are not gypsies and Romanian girls are not all sluts and brainless. in every culture u find the flaws, and so it happens to Romania, but grow up ..jeez

  28. tojo dear
    you are tot. right 99.99 percent of sucsess with americans marring romanians… the sucsess is that in a very short time your banc account is empty.
    im not a gay my dear and i live in romania for the last 7 years, i work in ukraina too and sofia bulgaria.
    the romanians are the biggest liers and cheep whore mentality among the countries i have mentioned the basic trash concept is to use you and your money as long as you have money.and a bout treating them nice ????
    this is your best joke the romanian woman apreciates you the most when you treat her like sheet ,,its hard to belive but this is their life concept!!!!
    i look very ok andt think lucid mostely when a romanian beauty aproches me ….no thanks dear no thanks go somewere else

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