The year of the Romanian blog

NOTE: Although this post is in Romanian, it refers to an article I wrote in English about the Romanian blog world. Read it here.

La inceputul lui februarie anuntam ca scriu un articol despre ce va insemna 2006 pentru bloguri in Romania. Predat cateva saptamani mai tarziu, articolul a aparut astazi in revista de limba engleza Vivid.

De cand am predat articolul si pana la aparitia lui au avut loc o serie de intamplari care imi sustin ipoteza ca 2006 va fi “the year of the blog” in Romania:
– Evenimentul Zilei si-a lansat un serviciu de bloguri
– a dat drumul la un blog
Radu si Dragos au facut podcasturi
– A avut loc RoBlogFest
– Realitatea TV au intrat si ei in podcasting
– o caruta de articole — mai bune sau mai putin bune au aparut in media romaneasca.

Mai jos e “nut-graf-ul” articolului. Citeste articolul pe Vivid.

“[andressa’s] blog took off in what could become the “year of the blog” in Romania – a year when the form could mature, consolidate its popularity and perhaps become an acceptable reference in media, culture or even politics. It’s happened in other countries and the indication is that it could happen here too. Several estimates put the current number of Romanian blogs at around 10,000, a figure that has steadily grown by 100 per cent every six months, according to Carmen Holotescu, who tracks the Romanian blog world for her company Timsoft. The online version of Evenimentul Zilei, ran by long time Vivid writer Alex Ulmanu, recently added four blogs to its site, and a Bucharest radio station devoted a two-hour show to blogs. Other traditional media, which have largely ignored the phenomenon as it blossomed elsewhere, are jumping on the bandwagon. There are so many articles being written about the trend that bloggers introduce them as “yet another story on blogs.”

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