Romanians looking for…

I like to think that if you look close enough, you’ll find almost anything on Craigslist, the online classifieds giant. Today, I decided to look the site around and find out what Romanians are up to in cities across the United State. Many of them are looking for things — mostly jobs and soul mates.

If you can help them out, don’t hesitate. Romanians are good people and make funny noises.

>>> Ovidiu in NYC is looking for a company to sponsor him for the H1B work visa.

>>> This person is teaching Romanian — a language of love, passion and medieval fortitude — in Manhattan.

>>> Someone in Austin is looking for people to sponsor a benefit concert to raise money for their trip to Romania where they’ll be volunteering at an orphanage.

>>> I have found a few examples warning buyers of fraud offers from Romania. Here is such a warning from Austin.

>>> Adela in Chicago is looking for a nanny position.

>>> Some dude in Chicago is looking for a “pretty girl.”

>>> In Los Angeles, Simion is looking for a job as a photo assistant.

>>> In Portland, a customer was unsatisfied with the work of a tile slate professional named Julian, who is from Romania. (I assume it’s Iulian).

>>> In San Francisco they are buying carts for handicapped dogs in Romania.

>>> Also in the Bay area, they are holding a golf tournament to raise money to equip vets on a mission to neuter Romanian dogs.

>>> And finally, here is Peter, who says he lives in Romania but is looking for a soulmate on the Boston craigslist. Help the man out.

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  1. That last guy is so sad.

  2. …and that signals demand for happiness 🙂

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