Malcolm Gladwell has a blog

Malcolm Gladwell, the New Yorker writer and author (he wrote “The Tippint Point” and “Blink“) has started blogging. I guess this is great news for all of us who had questions to ask him after reading his pieces.

For those who don’t know Gladwell: he writes about cultural phenomena through a very unique lense — don’t tell me you’ve ever given much thought to how small groups can impact change or how pitbulls laws can help us understand profiling.

Read Gladwell’s blog here.

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  1. Speaking of people with bad hair, I’ve been meaning to leave you two Hitchens’ slagging of Garrison Keillor after his BHL potshot in the Times Book Review.

    Even Hitch can’t approach Kleinzahler’s level of venom, but while August was content to confine himself mainly to poetry, Hitch, as always, is happy to paint with the fat brush.

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