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The Tim Russert issue bothered me enough to try and say more about it than I did on this blog. So I wrote a commentary piece which was published on Poynter, that Florida-based haven of journalistic debates and tools.

The Poynter piece is here.


It’s ironic, but here’s an article published today in the Hartford Courant that, unfortunately, enforces the point I made in the Poynter essay. The story is about a journalist turned entrepeneur who is donating $1 million to Yale to teach some journalism (some is the key, because the men believe a journalism degree would be a waste of time).

What the program will do is help students get a real world experience and make potential opportunities affordable. My favorite graph is below:

Philip Rucker, a senior and former editor at the Yale Daily News, approached Brill after the talk. He has landed summer internships at The Times-Picayune in New Orleans and The Washington Post, but he said he could have saved time job hunting with the kind of guidance the new program will offer. “Logistically, it’s so hard to get a foot in the door,” he said.

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    It’s hard to get your foot in the WP and Times-P door . . .

    Oh wait, no I guess he meant . . . some place that he actually WANTED to work???


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