Kicking Journalism the Tim Russert Way

Another “fine” moment in journalism took place Sunday.

On NBC’s Meet the Press Tim Russert pretended to be unaware of a new talk show strategist James Carville was going to do on XM Satellite radio. He even tried to “scoop” other media by getting Carville to give some details of the show and maybe it’s co-host, who Mr. Russert pretended not to know. Just read the exchange (at the bottom of the page) — it will almost get you excited.

Well, today it was revealed that Carville’s co-host will be none other that Russert’s son. And we had to go through that disgusting show on national TV to find out. That’s where our journalism is today and, following up on yesterday’s post, the political right is far from being the only problem.

I got pissed (again) so I did what I always do when I get pissed: I wrote an e-mail to Meet the Press. Here’s what I said:

“As a journalist, I’m disappointed Mr. Russert engaged in fake discussions about Mr. Carville’s future as a sport-show host. Those precious moments in a supposedly serious national talk show were used for giggles among friends. Not to mention the false interest Mr. Russert displayed when asking who will co-host the show, when he knew damn well it would be his own son.

If promoting a show Mr. Carville and Mr. Russert’s son will host is what passes for televised democratic discourse in this country, I’m afraid journalists will lose more and more relevance. Thank you Mr. Russert for showing viewers how hypocritical our kind can be. “

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  1. That one totally got by me. I was watching but didn’t even notice that comment…did they do a “wink wink” type of thing with each other or was it totally straight-faced?

  2. They were just giggling about it. It was sad to watch.

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