Text Google and it’ll reply

There are several things that excite me technologically, but few manage to amuse me. Sending SMS to Google (46645) or Yahoo (92466) is pretty funny. Today, you can bypass the money-hungry 411 and text message Google (or Yahoo) and ask about movie showtimes, the nearest bars in your zip codes, or even recipes for cocktail.

I wanted some fruit last night and sent a message to Google: “Fruit ZipCode.” In a few minutes I got a reply with the address of a fruit smoothie place. Sure, totally worthless information, but the system works. When I asked about movie showtimes, Google was actually nice enough to reply with useful information.

Yahoo might work too, although it is losing ground in my personal digital chart. Google is just quirky enough to offer word definitions, too. Such as “awesome,” for which it send me three messages (yes, I have one of those 400 free SMS deals on my plan).

One of them says: Awesome. Propriety. Amazing, inspiring awe or admiration or wonder.

Another says — and this was new to me: Awesome: An extended stunt where a flyer has both feet together in the hand(s) of the base(s). Also refered to as a Cupie.

Who knew?

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