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Katrina lexicon

Go through the past couple of weeks worth of coverage of hurricane Katrina and you’ll see scores of themes recurring: from George Bush’s trinity of mistimed comments (the best of which involved Trent Lott and his porch) to the New Orleans Times-Picayune’s 2002 story that laid out the scenario for a devastating hurricane. Semantically, there […]

Mr. Lundell goes to Romania (and the Union-Eagle follows)

There are some people that just shouldn’t try to write about Romania. Joel Stottrup from the Princeton Union-Eagle is one of them. Granted, there’s not much to expect from a paper serving a little over 4,000 people in Princeton, Minnesota, but the disastrous story the paper ran a week ago is a gem of horrid […]

A little extra

My Washington, D.C. apartment is in a cool neighborhood. But location alone rarely makes one feel better about the cost of rent. I needed an extra to justify the price and I found it on my roof, pictured below. The little extra is a view, albeit minuscule, of the Washington monument. I circled it for […]

Search for Coca Cola C2 continues

I still haven’t been lucky at tracking down a bottle of Coca Cola C2, something I’ve been trying for two months (as I mentioned in a previous post). Today I received an e-mail from a Coca Cola official in Atlanta who among other things said the beverage is available in his city along with Zero, […]

Miss New Orleans

I’ll stay away from blogging about hurricane relief and the storm aftermath politics, but I can’t ignore the tributes and cvasi-obituaries being written about New Orleans. A few days ago, CJR Daily took a swipe at those who’ve began mourning the loss of the town while evacuations were still taking place. The Sunday papers carry […]

Katrina, I said no!

I’m not going to blog about the hurricane. I prefer to speak about it or as a friend told me earlier, “editorialize” in Romanian media. I actually wrote a piece called “New Orleans, the fall of a city,” which ran today on Romania’s best online news site. Raluca, a friend from college in Bucharest, is […]